About us

Bound by tradition - innovation ensures the future

The Peter Vossen GmbH is a traditional family business that is now run by the third generation and at the site since 1945 Düren Apparatus and containers according to customer requirements manufactures in various industries.

In 2002 , production was around the pipe mold production department with specialization extended to the processing of special materials. In addition to longitudinally welded pipes arise here Pipe fittings such as Bows , collars , tees and reducers.

This line of business has been continuously expanded since and has the same value at the Company today as the original core business apparatus .

Currently, almost 40 different materials such as Titanium, Hastelloy or Zirconium processed (see Materials palette).

Meanwhile, both departments are increasingly grown together , as these special materials are also increasingly in demand in container . From the original manufacturing operation with its artisanal structures over the years, a forward-thinking company has developed , by technical requirements are implemented by experienced practitioners .

The set by our industry partners specifications and required inspections , certifications and documentation part of the daily business and will be implemented routinely . Companies and large corporations at home and abroad in the fields of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy or food are also part of the customer as the known trading houses . Today, Peter Vossen GmbH supplies via various distribution channels your products not only in all parts of Germany but also worldwide.